Peak Stocks – New release: v3.2

2 Comments | 25. July 2013 by Dev Team

Hey all! v3.2 will be ready within a couple of hours. This release adds twitter feeds to the ticker detail page. We have also added back settings to select a default sort and show day gain in portfolio view.

Thanks for following and, as always, Feedback is always welcome!

Change Log v3.2

Added: Twitter Feeds
Added: Local Storage Mode:Ability to edit a portfolio ticker. Longpress a ticker and press the edit menu button to modify shares and price.
Added: Default portfolio sort in settings.
Added: Show day gain value in portfolio view in settings.
Fixed: Manage portfolios page changes not properly returned to portfolio page
Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Peak Stocks – New release: v3.1

Leave Comment | 16. July 2013 by Dev Team

We have just released v3.1. This release focuses on bug fixes, and issues introduced in v3.0. We have added the ability to pick between local storage (Yahoo data feeds) or Google Finance Sync.

Stay tuned for more posts on what we have in store for our next release. Feedback is always welcome!

Change Log v3.1

Added: Ability to select between local data storage or Google Finance backup. User can switch between the two data types at any time, without losing data.
Fixed: Attempts to restore erased data due to version 3.0.0 install. Local storage option must be set
Fixed: Chart unreadable on some devices
Fixed: Ticker long press selects item below it, crashes
Fixed: Alerts not functional
Fixed: Many other bug fixes and improvements related to 3.0.0 release

Peak Stocks – Whats next?

Leave Comment | 09. July 2013 by Dev Team

Our next release (about to launch soon) will bring back Yahoo Finance as an alternate feed for downloading your data. This feature has no ability for cloud backup so all information will be lost on uninstall. The version will also include some bug fixes:

Bug: Alerts not working correctly.
Bug: Chart volume and series line not displaying correctly on some devices.
Bug: Loading view showing up on the bottom of the events/news feed when no content is available for download.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Peak Stocks – New release: v3.0

Leave Comment | 26. June 2013 by wdziemia

The goal of this release was to improve the overall usefulness of the app (Google Sync), and improve the interface to allow for more real-estate for the content. The feature log:

Change Log v3.0

Added Google Finance sync support
Added currency support
Added calendar events page
Articles marked when read
Fonts adjust with system settings
Tablet layout
Bug fixes

As development continues, I plan on improving the layouts a bit more. The tablet layout’s still lack in some areas but there are idea’s floating around on how to really allow for an amazing experience (10″ especially). This will come in a future release but the framework is implemented so work should be minimal.

Anyway, stay tuned for more posts! Feed back is always welcome!